How it works

1. Let us know about your dream land!

What you aspire...

Sharing your preferences of price, size, location, expectation and what you would like to do with the property during your inquiry will help us to find your piece of dream land faster.  

2. Get to know your property

Ask questions and check...

We'll provide you with all information that we have about the property and support you along the way to perform your own due diligence on the property.

Don't forget to check out our blog for various insights about due diligence process!

3. Get Purchase conditions

Decide on your preference...

You will receive all information about the purchase process including conditions for your chosen preference - cash sale or seller financing options.

If you’d like to pay in cash or prefer a tailored financing option based on your personal situation and requirements, it goes without credit rating or proof of your income. Early payback can be performed anytime without additional fees and no further questions asked.

4. Decision to proceed with purchase

Continue to purchase...

Once you decided to acquire your land, we will initiate the your chosen transaction and follow-through until the successful completion of transaction.

5. Ownership of Free & Clear Title

You will receive a first-class, fast and secure Real Estate transaction service. A reputable Title Attorney will ensure you with free & clear Title and will manage your transaction end-to-end, even remotely from the comfort of your current location should you prefer.

What you gain - value

We strive to offer you an affordable land at wholesale prices. This can easily be verified during your due diligence as we provide comparable values with our land lots. Also, we apply no commissions or hidden fees.